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Plasma Trim Sequencer (Version 1.11) 23 Aug 2012Software Preview
This first official release version of the PlasmaTrim Sequencer software gives the user access to all 76 memory slots with a visual display that lets you quickly and easily paint colors and timing values into the sequence. The sequences you create can be saved and shared with friends, or uploaded again to multiple PlasmaTrims. You can also download the programmed sequence from the PlasmaTrim to make changes to existing sequences already loaded into your PlasmaTrim. We've also included a few samples


>Download Plasma Trim Sequencer (Version 1.11)<

Be sure to check the forum for new beta versions, as they may have more features to try out!


Support and User Group

The forum is up and running!
Beta versions, the latest news, shared sequences, and support can be found at The Photon Factory Forum. Be sure to not only check it out, but sign up and join us as we continue to add new features.


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We are still shipping the first batch of PlasmaTrims to the Kickstarter backers, but we are making more and want to start getting orders in. We will have a limited supply on-hand after the first units ship, then we'll be making more, so get your order in now!


"I've had a lot of fun with my PlasmaTrim. It's like there's a party behind my computer!"

Chuck, TX

"Dude, I would seriously like to buy more of these... let me know when they are available again!"

Karl, PA

"I put a couple under the dash, now my car glows faster."

Greg, Plymouth MI