Achieving Enlightenment

Often working in darkened rooms, we wanted to add a splash of color...
That's why we created the USB PlasmaTrim. Too many nights working late into the morning, with too many dark rooms or obnoxiously bright lights. PlasmaTrim adds a bit of of color where needed, lighting a keyboard or illuminating the wall behind a monitor. Let PlasmaTrim lighten your mood with warm glows and subtle changes, or rock out to rave-like pulses of light inspired by your favorite music.

Putting the "fun" in "functional"
Each of the eight RGB LEDs can be addressed in this little fixture to create smooth blends of color or flash with near police-like hypnotism. PlasmaTrim's power isn't just from the brilliance of the LEDs, but also in it's simple design and addressability. The easy-to-use software allows the user to create awesome looks that can be uploaded to the unit, which can then be plugged into any USB port just to get some juice. For those who wish to dabble in the digits, the Open API will empower code monkeys to create useful plugins. Perhaps you want to use it to let you know when you have new email or when it's time to backup your files... PlasmaTrim and your code could make it happen!

The Tech Behind PlasmaTrim


The original PlasmaTrim design had only five RGB LEDs and an epoxy housing. Between availability of parts and difficulty with the epoxy resin, this version was too difficult to manufacture reliably. We released a few of those beasts into the wild, but it needed a redesign.


The all new PlasmaTrim features a sleek aluminum housing with a plastic bezel and laser-cut end caps, as well as a black circuit board. This revised/final version is far easier to assemble, uses parts that are more readily available, looks a lot better, and best of all, employs eight RGB LEDs that are individually controllable, all powered by USB. An on-board processor drives the LEDs and stores pre-programmed sequences, so no computer is needed after loading the desired effect, just power from a USB port or USB power adapter.



L x W x H = 12" x 0.5" x 0.28" + USB cable



PlasmaTrim will be released with free design software for controlling the unit and uploading programmed sequences. Users can create colorful blends of color, chases, and interesting patterns, defining the color and brightness of each LED, as well as both hold and fade times.


Also to be made available is the Open API for creating your own control utilities or adding PlasmaTrim to your own project. Perhaps you might write a plugin that gives you an alert when you have a new email, or a cool visualizer to react to your favorite music.


Ready to play? Software Preview
We've added a download area for updates to the PlasmaTrim software. We'll be expanding this as more sequences and utilities are made available.


Visit the downloads page now to start playing with your USB PlasmaTrim!


Looking to buy some PlasmaTrim?

Buy it online at our store !

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Latest News

Forum is Open!
The user and supportforum is now open at go sign up now, join the community of users!

Shipping PlasmaTrim!
Finally, after a long wait, a few speed bumps and a couple snags, we are boxing and shipping PlasmaTrim! We've got a lot of units to get out the door, and we are sending out the easy and domestic packages first. Get ready, yours could be next!

We Made It!
After successfully funding our project through Kickstarter, we are now preparing to order parts and begin manufacturing several hundred USB PlasmaTrims for this first batch to satisfy the initial orders. Then we'll open the store to make these available for purchase.

Prototyping has been a success, now to the final design...
We've enjoyed developing the technology and playing around with the epoxy resin, but now it's time to take it to the next level. We want something a bit easier to manufacture, so we've designed a new housing that will looks professional and lowered the cost, while streamlining the assembly process.

Ideas for use

  • Mood / Accent lighting for the home or office
  • Add color behind or under a monitor, keyboard, or TV
  • Computer case mods
  • Car interiors
  • Night light
  • Party lighting


Uses with a bit more code:

  • Email Alert
  • Instant Message Alert
  • Spectrum Analyzer <---now pledged!
  • Progress Bar
  • Low-res video wall


"I've had a lot of fun with my PlasmaTrim. It's like there's a party behind my computer!"

Chuck, TX

"Dude, I would seriously like to buy more of these... let me know when they are available again!"

Karl, PA

"I put a couple under the dash, now my car glows faster."

Greg, Plymouth MI